Analogue Positive offset plate for medium runs. The coating has a suitable sensitivity and is sensitive to UV lamps emitting at wavelength between 350-450 nm. G-PLUS II is ideal for sheet-fed and commercial web presses.



Standard:       0,15 – 0,30 – 0,40 mm.

On request:    0,20 – 0,25 mm.


Coating Exposure: 

Coating color:  Green.

Contrast after developer: High.

Spectral sensitivity: 350 - 450 nm. With peak sensitivity at 400 nm.

Energy required approx.: 90-100 mJ/cm2.

The black density of the film should be 2.5 minimum.

Exposure: Use UGRA 1982 or STOUFFER scales in order to get the following results:

Grey scale - continuous tone -:     clear n. 3 –density 0,45-

Microlines:                                   8-10 microns

Screen reproduction: 2% - 98% at 250 l.p.i.

Day light sensitivity – UV: Yellow safelight.



Use ABEZETA Developer ABCH-6550220 ready to use at the following parameters:

Bath Temperature

23 ± 1ºC

Development time

30 ± 5 seconds



Replenishment rate

100 - 120 ml/m2

Anti-ox Stand by ON

90 ml/m2

Anti-ox Stand by OFF

90 ml/m2


Gumming - Plate Cleaner: 

Apply ABEZETA GUM ABCH-6970110 ready to use for long-term storage.

Apply ABEZETA GUM ABCH 6970310 ready to use for baking in oven.

Apply ABEZETA Plate Cleaner ABCH-69002 for ink removal and hydrophilic areas preparation.



G-PLUS II plate allows to print UV ink with post-baking to getting longer press runs.

Before baking, apply ABEZETA GUM ABCH 6970310 for protection.

Baking conditions:

Off-line oven: 230ºC during 4 - 5 minutes.

On-line oven: 250ºC during 3 - 4 minutes.


On Press: 

ABEZETA Fountain solution additives are suitable for sheet-fed and web presses.

Recommended pH range: 4,8 – 5,2.

Recommended conductivity range: 800 – 1.500 µS.

Run-length unbaked:   70.000 – 100.000 impressions.

Run-length baked:      700.000 impressions.

Run-length can vary according to printing conditions, ink, paper and imaging content.



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