CTcP UV high speed Positive offset plate. The coating is sensitive to UV laser diode at 400-420 nm. For medium runs, ideal for sheet-fed and commercial web presses



Standard:     0,15 – 0,30 – 0,40 mm.

On request:  0,20 – 0,25 mm.


Coating explore: 

Coating color:  Blue

Contrast after developer: High

Spectral sensitivity: 400 -420 nm. With peak sensitivity at 410 nm.

Usable on all UV - CTcP platesetters with internal, external drum and flat bed

Energy required approx. 50-60 mJ/cm2

Screen reproduction: 2% - 99% at 200 l.p.i.

Resolution: up to 3200 d.p.i. and 20 µm. stochastic screen

Day light sensitivity – UV: Yellow safelight



Use ABEZETA Developer ABCHA-7200 at the following parameters:

Bath Temperature

22 ± 1ºC

Development time

25 ± 5 seconds


Developer ABCHA-7200

Replenishment rate

70-80 ml/m2

Anti-ox Stand by ON

70 ml/m2

Anti-ox Stand by OFF

70 ml/m2


Gumming - Plate Cleaner:

Apply ABEZETA GUM ABCH-6970110 ready to use for long-term storage 

Apply ABEZETA GUM ABCH 6970310 ready to use for baking in oven

Apply ABEZETA Plate Cleaner ABCH-69002 for ink removal and hydrophilic areas preparation



ULTIMATE plate allows to print UV ink once is baked in oven to get longer press runs 

Before baking, apply ABEZETA GUM ABCH 6970310 for protection

Baking conditions:

Off-line oven: 220ºC during 5 - 6 minutes

On-line oven: 240ºC during 3 - 4 minutes


On Press: 

ABEZETA Fountain solution additives are suitable for sheet-fed and web presses

Recommended pH range: 4,8 – 5,2

Recommended conductivity range: 800 – 1.500 µS

Run-length unbaked: 100.000 impressions

Run-length baked:     700.000 impressions – Standard inks

                                350.000 impressions - UV inks

Run-length can vary according to printing conditions, ink, paper and imaging content


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