Designed to give you the ability to differentiate yourself over your competition, Kodak Electra XD Thermal Plates enable an environment for extremely high resolution output with the confidence of day-in and day-out consistency, exceptional press performance, and the versatility to adapt to most print conditions and run lengths.
Electra XD Plates perform exceptionally well in prepress and in the pressroom, where they are rated for up to 350,000 impressions without baking. Electra XD Plates can be baked for run lengths of 1 million impressions and for additional durability with harsh press chemicals and UV. These plates deliver stability and latitude in imaging, processing, and on-press performance.


High quality and efficiency
Electra XD Plates deliver extraordinarily sharp detail and stability, reducing plate remakes and variation due to dot wear and sharpening during the press run. Fast imaging and processing help maximize total throughput of the complete prepress system. Electra XD Thermal Plates offer an exceptional combination of quality, stability, productivity, consistency and durability, making them an excellent choice for high-quality commercial and publication printing — from the shortest to the longest run jobs.


Minimizing environmental impact
With the Kodak 400 xLo Chemistry System,* you can experience all of the proven benefits of the Electra XD Plate with low chemistry usage and generated spent chemistry, extended bath life and cycle length requiring fewer interventions—all without the need to purchase a new plate processor. The Kodak 400 xLo Chemistry System can save you time and money while contributing to your sustainability goals. Press makereadies are extremely efficient with these premium plates, minimizing paper and ink waste while maintaining wide latitude on press.


Technical specifications


Positive working, thermal digital plate with wide operating latitude; optional postbake for extremely long
runs, though required for optimal resistance to aggressive press chemistry such as UV inks
and blanket washes.


High quality medium- to long -un sheetfed and heatset web / coldset web offset applications


Electrochemically grained and anodized aluminum substrate


0.15 mm, 0.20 mm, 0.30 mm and 0.40 mm standard
Please contact your local supplier of products from Kodak for size and gauge availability by region.

Spectral sensitivity

800 - 850 nm

Platesetter compatibility

Recommended: Kodak Magnus, Trendsetter, Achieve, and Lotem Platesetters
Other compatible platesetters: Screen PT-R Platesetters, Heidelberg Topsetter and Suprasetter Platesetters,
and Luscher Xpose! Platesetters

Laser energy required

90 - 130 mJ/cm2 with Kodak 400 xLo Chemistry System
Dependent on imager type, configuration and resolution.

AM resolution

1 - 99% @ 450 lpi
Dependent upon capability of imaging device.

FM resolution

10-micron stochastic
Dependent upon imaging device capabilities and screening algorithms. For optimum FM performance,
Kodak recommends Kodak Staccato Screening on Kodak SQUAREspot Imaging Technology Devices.


Recommended: Kodak T-HDE and T-HDX Plate Processors
For other approved processors, please contact your local supplier of products from Kodak.

Processing solution

Kodak 400 xLo Chemistry System

Run length

Up to 350,000 impressions unbaked; 1,000,000+ baked; must be baked for UV
Dependent upon image resolution, press, press chemical, ink and paper conditions.


None required - daylight handling


Available in all standard formats


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