The high-performance, no-compromise plate. Maximum UV performance UV, H-UV, and LED-UV have many benefits for commercial and packaging printers, but it can be challenging to find a plate that stands up to UV’s aggressive press chemicals, abrasive stocks and UV inks. KODAK ELECTRA MAX Thermal Plates were designed specifically to deliver long run lengths in UV applications, up to 150,000 impressions unbaked. So printers can get all the benefits of UV without sacrificing plate performance.


Maximum unbaked run lengths
ELECTRA MAX Plates also deliver long unbaked run lengths for traditional sheetfed and web applications. Eliminating preheating and postbaking saves time, reduces energy usage, and improves overall efficiency in prepress, and long run lengths on press help printers increase their productivity and profitability. ELECTRA MAX Plates can also be postbaked at low temperatures to maximize run length performance with difficult press conditions or applications.

Maximum resolution and robustness
The high resolution capabilities of ELECTRA MAX Plates help printers deliver outstanding print quality and the sharp detail will impress both print buyers and consumers. The durability of the plate ensures dot stability throughout the press run, reducing plate remakes and variation.

Maximum sustainability
Truly sustainable solutions are the ones that reduce environmental impact and costs while maintaining high product performance. With competitive developer cycles, low chemistry usage,* and with no need for an expensive, new plate processor, ELECTRA MAX Plates help printers reduce the cost and environmental impact of plate processing. Also, printers can reduce energy usage by eliminating preheating, and the plate’s long unbaked run length capability can reduce the need for postbaking.


General specifications


No preheat, positive working, thermal plate with wide operating latitude;
optional postbake


Offset packaging applications; UV and H-UV print applications;
high-quality medium- to long-run sheetfed and heatset web / coldset web applications


Electrochemically grained and anodized aluminum substrate


0.15, 0.30, and 0.40 mm standard
Please contact your local supplier of products from Kodak for size and gauge availability by region.

Spectral sensitivity

800 - 850 nm

Platesetter compatibility

Please contact your local supplier of products from Kodak for additional accredited platesetters.

Laser energy required

90 - 110 mJ/cm2
Dependent on imager type, configuration and resolution.

AM resolution

1 – 99% @ 450 lpi
Dependent upon capability of imaging device.

FM resolution

10-micron stochastic
Dependent upon imaging device capabilities and screening algorithms.
For optimum FM performance, Kodak recommends KODAK STACCATO Screening on
KODAK Platesetters with KODAK SQUAREspot Imaging Technology.


Recommended: KODAK T-HDE, T-MDE, and T-HDX Plate Processors
For other approved processors, please contact your local supplier of products from Kodak.

Processing solution

KODAK 400 xLo Chemistry System

Run length

• Up to 500,000 impressions unbaked for web applications
• Up to 350,000 impressions unbaked for sheetfed applications
• Up to 150,000 impressions unbaked for UV and H-UV applications
• Can be postbaked for longer runs and more demanding press conditions
Dependent upon image resolution, press, ink and paper conditions.


None required – daylight handling


Available in all standard formats


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