The KODAK LIBRA VP Digital Plate is the newest addition to Kodak’s portfolio of digital plates designed to maximise sustainability for commercial printers. Sustainability requires more than just being green—LIBRA VP Plates deliver the quality and productivity you need to stay profitable, while helping you reduce both costs and environmental impact.


Compatible efficiency

LIBRA VP Plates are compatible with market-leading violet CTP systems and plateline equipment. If you conventionally process plates today, you can continue to use your existing equipment, simplifying processing and reducing environmental impact by replacing your traditional developer and replenisher with a single, low-pH clean-out finisher. Printers wanting to maximise efficiency and save water can use the easy chem system to remove the prewash and post-development rinse steps, using either a modified conventional processor or a dedicated clean-out unit.


Quality and productivity

LIBRA VP Plates can satisfy both your productivity and print quality needs. LIBRA VP Plates can keep up with the fastest violet platesetters, so you can get plates to the pressroom when they need them. You can keep the presses running with run lengths of up to 250,000 impressions when LIBRA VP Plates are conventionally processed, and up to 200,000 impressions when processed with the easy chem system. In addition, resolutions of 2 - 98% at 200 lpi let you deliver impressive print quality.

LIBRA VP Plates use a single, low-pH clean-out finisher, the LIBRA Clean-Out Finisher. When conventionally processed, LIBRA VP Plates offer a long bath life, helping you reduce cleaning waste and save time. With the easy chem system, the LIBRA Clean-Out Finisher cleans, rinses and gums the plate, removing the water necessary for prewashing and rinsing the plate. Whether you process conventionally or with an easy chem system, LIBRA VP Plates can help you reduce your environmental impact.

KODAK LIBRA P-LD 850 Clean-Out Unit


General specifications:


Negative-working, violet photopolymer digital plate


Commercial print applications


Electrochemically grained and anodised aluminium substrate


0.15 mm, 0.20 mm, and 0.30 mm

Please contact your local supplier of products from Kodak for additional gauge availability.


For manual handling and platesetter loading, yellow safelight is required


Available in all standard formats, including bulk packaging options


Imaging specifications:

Platesetter compatibility

Compatible with most market-leading violet platesetters

Spectral sensitivity

405 nm

Laser energy required

30 - 50 mJ/cm2

Dependent upon imager type, configuration and resolution.


2 - 98% @ 200 lpi

Dependent upon imager type, configuration and resolution.


Processing specifications:


Conventional processing

Easy chem


KODAK MERCURY P-HD Plate processor, as well as compatible with all conventional processors used with Violet Photopolymer plates.

KODAK P-HD 850 Clean-Out Unit

KODAK P-LD 850 Clean-Out Unit

Also compatible with almost all clean-out units used with Violet Photopolymer plates.

Plate solution

KODAK LIBRA Clean-Out Finisher

KODAK 850S Plate Finisher

Compatible with KODAK 206 xLo Violet Plate Developer and KODAK 206R xLo Violet Plate Replenisher

KODAK LIBRA Clean-Out Finisher

Clean-Out Finisher consumption

Up to 25 m2/L

Up to 20 m2/L

On-press specifications

Conventional processing

Easy chem

Run length

Up to 250,000 impressions

Dependent upon image resolution, press, press chemical, ink and paper conditions.

Up to 200,000 impressions

Dependent upon image resolution, press, press chemical, ink and paper conditions.



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