Table Banding Machine BUSCH TB 39 I and TB 39 II

Table Banding Machine BUSCH

Thousands of BUSCH table banding machines have been sold.

Due to their high reliability and ease of handling they are well prepared even for difficult banding tasks. The electronically controlled units are noted for their user-friendliness, versatility

and outstanding durability. The table top bander bands products of all sorts. It is used not only in printing houses, but also other industries are convinced of its performance for different applications. Even banks use the machine for banding loose bank notes. Banding is done either with brown or white kraft paper tape, PE-coated on one side, or with transparent polypropylene foil (PP) in various tape widths. The integrated electronic temperature control guarantees a regular sealing temperature, identical for both kraft paper and foil. Voltage fluctuations on the mains supply are compensated for. The loop size, tape tension and time delay for releasing the banding process in automatic mode are adjustable. The digital display indicates the sealing temperature, time delay and error codes. After feeding the material for banding the kraft paper or foil tape is drawn softly around the package and the tape ends lying on top of each other are sealed. For high volume production a movable large reel stand is offered; the height of the stand is easily adjustable.

All BUSCH machines are produced exclusively in Germany.

This includes the production of parts, control boards and the complete assembly.


Maximum output from the minimum area:

» location-independent

» reliable

» user-friendly

» versatile

Proven performance within the smallest space

>> highest reliability and multi-purpose use   

>> very user friendly due to adjustable side and rear stops and easy tape reel exchange

>> electronic sealing temperature control guarantees constantly perfect banding results

>> loop size, tape tension and time delay for releasing the banding process in automatic mode are adjustable   

Activating the banding process:

>> single stroke activated by push-button

>> single stroke activated by foot pedal

>> automatic activation by sensor


Large Reel Stand GRS, mobile and height-adjustable

>> reduces the number of reel changes for high volume production

>> very flexible use because of 4 movable casters, two of which can be fixed

>> height-adjustable (663 – 932 mm) for an operator- friendly working height 

>> only one electrical connection for banding machine and large reel stand

Banding with large reels

>> Kraft paper tape (reel  length: 800 m)

>> Polypropylene foil (reel length: 1000 m)

>> inner reel core diameter:  Ø 50 mm

>> outer diameter:  Ø approx. 160 mm   

Banding with BUSCH Banding Material

Model TB 39-30   for 30 mm tape width

Model TB 39-50   for 50 mm tape width

>> perfect banding results with high-class banding material from Gerhard Busch GmbH

>> banding with coated Kraft Paper Tape or transparent Polypropylene Foil Tape

>> made-up in Germany

Kraft Paper Tape

Polypropylene (PP) Foil Tape






70 g paper coated on one side with 23 g of Polyethylene (PE) 

PP 100 μm

(recommended due to higher loop stability)


PP 80 μm

reel length

approx. 150 m

approx. 150 m

approx. 200 m

Small reels for insertation in Table Banding Machine

>> inner reel core diameter:  Ø 50 mm

>> outer diameter:  Ø approx. 160 mm   

Technical Data:


TB 39-30

TB 39-50

Tape width:

30 mm

50 mm

Machine output:

16–20 strokes / min.

16-20 strokes / min.

Max. dimensions of products  to be banded









390 mm for banding with Kraft Paper Tape

390 mm for banding with Kraft Paper Tape 


200 mm

Machine dimensions:






600 mm

390 mm

510 mm

600 mm

450 mm

510 mm


net / gross

33 /39 kg

35 / 41 kg

Sound pressure level

as per EN 13023: 2003


max. 75 dB(A)

Power requirements:

(A.C. single-phase)

230 V, 50 Hz

110 V, 60 Hz

380 W

480 W

Power consumption:

230 V, 50 Hz

110 V, 60 Hz

1,0 A

1,6 A

Option: positon stops for products.  

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