Feed bander BUSCH ZFB 32 / 75

FEED BANDER model ZFB 32 / 75

Fully automatic banding of product piles following guillotines or folding machines

» optimized product positioning and alignment

» intuitive touchscreen control

» faster tape reel exchange

» for banding product piles with coated Kraft Paper Tape or Polypropylene Foil

» high efficiency by automatic feeding of the product piles

» intelligent feed pusher calculates the product row length for a high banding output

» pneumatic compression of the packages with adjustable pressure

» mobile bander on four castors for variable applications and electrical connection with one  phase A.C.

» available with delivery to the left (model ZFB 32 / 75 L) or right side (model ZFB 32 /75 R)

Operating cycle

1. Manual insertion and alignment of product piles

2. Automatic feeding and compression of product piles

3. Automatic compression and banding of product piles

Optimized product alignment

» ergonomic handling for left or right side delivery

» optimal alignment by the solid cross stop

» lateral stop moves automatically to the product width

Intuitive touchscreen control

» enlarged SIEMENS touch panel with enhanced resolution

» central input of all banding specifications

» easy control of machine parameters

» user-friendly menu navigation

» additional start touch key at the machine front

Faster tape reel exchange

» convenient insertion inbetween movable deflection rollers

» automatic tape insertion

» adjustment of the banding tension on the touchscreen

» electronic detection of tape reel end

Option mobile and inclinable roller delivery

180° roller delivery (two 90° elements)

straight roller delivery (800 x 400 mm)

straight roller delivery (1200 x 400 mm)


Banding with coated Kraft Paper Tape or Polypropylene Foil from the house of Gerhard Busch GmbH

» tape width 30 mm

» coated Kraft Paper Tape brown or white, reel length : 800 m

» Polypropylene Foil (80 μm) transparent, reel length : 1200 m

Technical dates:


ZFB 32 / 75

tape width

30 mm

Machine output

single banding

16 – 18 strokes / min.

Dimensions of products to be banded

min. / max.




70 / 750 mm

40 / 320 mm

                    approx. 5 / 180 mm

Dimensions of machine (standard equipment without roller delivery)




1.680 mm

   730 mm

1.435 mm

Max. number of banding operations in one package row


machine weight

235 kg



600 W (230 V)   4,0 A

500 W (110 V)   6,3 A

Compressed air


14 nl / min.

working pressure

                                    6 bar

supplied, external compressed air

                           max. 6 bar

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