Hohner Foldnak Compact Line

Precision all the way down the line.

All four modules work in line for high-quality bookletmaking.

All four modules work in line for high-quality bookletmaking. The Robo-Feeder reliably processes the print products via  a Collecting Bridge to the Foldnak Compact for stapling, folding and trimming. The SP 100 Compact presses the booklet  spine into a square shape, which gives the stapled booklet the appearance of a bound product. The Foldnak  Compact Line for premium bookletmaking is particularly suited for digital or offset printing agencies and everybody who wants to produce high-quality booklets in frequently changing print runs.

Independent feeding The Robo-Feeder is the perfect choice for bookletmaking in the digital printing business: it works reliably, efficiently and it is independent from the printer. After inserting the printed paper stack the Robo-Feeder automatically separates it into sets:

·       Smooth combination of printed sheets of different weights

·       Short set-up times for frequently changing print runs

·       High capacity of up to 1,300 sheets

·       Separate suction and blast air adjustment gentle processing

Collection Bridge

Perfect combination to bookletmakers the new Collection Bridge makes it possible for the Robo-Feeder to operate with bookletmakers as the Foldnak Compact. The Collection Bridge can be selected and controlled via the display of the Foldnak Compact.

·       Turned with the Robo-Feeder in format and speed

·       Combination of bridge and Foldnak 8 requires an additional box

Foldnak Compact

Bookletmaker and trimmer in one unit the Foldnak Compact combines the functions of bookletmaking and trimming in a single and compact unit. With one of the widest range of formats in its class, it is particularly suited for small, medium and frequently changing numbers in digital or offset printing.

·       Processing of loop staples

·       Mobile clinchers ensure a close fit of the staple

·       Side and front jogger

SP 100 Compact

Accurate pressing for perfect spine the Hohner SP 100 Compact refines booklets accurately and quickly. The booklet spine is still pressed into a square, which gives the stapled booklet the look of a high-quality binding.

·       Up to 3.000 pcs per hour

·       Refining of booklets


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