Corner Rounding Machine Tränklein EK-D 100

The different versions of corner rounding machines (corner cutters) are equipped with top and bottom knives as well as with top knives only. These machines can be used for corner rounding as well as for a number of other punching operations. Depending to the model of machine, the punching operation can either be effected manually or electrically with foot switch. On the models EK 100 and EK-D 100 the punching operation is controlled by an optoelectronic sensor fixed in the working table. When cutting large sizes, the use of an accessory table is recommended.

Corner Rounding Machine model EK-D 100 for rounding or cutting 2 corners in one operation, power operated – with 2 top knives only.

Geared brake motor.

2 plastic bags for waste.

Technical dates:

Pile height:

max. 100 mm

Długość posuwu:

110 mm

Space requirement (L x W. x H):

600 x 900 x 1400 mm


net 140 kg

Size of table:

500 – 205 mm

Size of cutted material:

till 350 mm


400 volts, 50 cycles, 3 ph., 0,55 kW

Optional: table extension / size of table 320 x 500 mm


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