Technical features:

  • New round pile feeder R6 with extreme lowly height of construction
  • Secure sheet separation, also by highest performance up to approx. 40.000 tacts/hour
  • Storage table with expanded capacity
  • Middle transport belt and stainless steel rollers for considerated transport of paper
  • Digital adjustment of suction length and sheet distance
  • Electronic-mechanical double sheet detector stops possible double sheets before they go to the folding unit
  • Pendelum blowers separately adjustable from 0 - 100% by additional frequency inverters
  • Side stops joined together from the top to the botton
  • Tasting of the paper front crust with height adjustable feel-tongue
  • Continuously pile by frequency inverter
  • Additional leaded plate for twisted papers
  • Free suction roller
  • This folding unit with 2, 4, 6 or 8 folding pockets per station can be delivered with round pile feeder or flat pile feeder of palette feeder, as desired
  • Running speed up to 160m/min.
  • Electronical speed regulation by frequency inverter, totally wear-resistant, easy to handle
  • Synchronous drive of folding rollers by coil-toothed and harded and grinded steel gears, no lair is possible, absolute equal run.
  • There is the possibility for greasing the roller bearings
  • Double bearing of folding rollers with needle and pression bearings insure the absolute round run and the axial stability
  • maintenance-free driveof the inclined roller table by toothed belts and flat belts in station II and III
  • Chromium-plated transport rollers
  • Knife shafts which can be sticked in all stations

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