Casemaker PRÄZICASE PRO manufactured by Schmedt

PräziCase Pro is a semi-automatic machine for the production of one-off and multiple book cases. Thanks to the unique control technology used in this machine, the size of the cases to be produced is secondary. All dimensions are measured by sensors and preset automatically. All other settings are controlled by the central control unit PowerTower via touchscreen. This control unit makes the machine upgradable to the Cover 1 system. The machine achieves an output of 4 - 5 book cases per minute depending on whether corners are trimmed in the machine (machine with corner trimmer option) or whether the corners of the cover material have been cut off before. The machine is operated by one person, who glues the cover material (on a separate gluing machine, e.g. PräziCoat Pro) and puts the boards into place. The actual casemaking process with trimming the corners, turning in all four edges and finally pressing the case is done fully automatically. The corners are turned in neatly. After the long edge has been turned in, the corners are folded by means of two tuck fingers. Manual pressing as known for other systems is not required.

Technical data:

Case width  without corner cutter

170 – 400 mm /170 – 400 mm

Case width  without corner cutter

219 – 711 mm /229 – 660 mm

Spine width

6.4 - 82 mm

Board thickness

1,5 – 3,5 mm

Output max.

220 - 300 pcs /h

Floor space (H. x W. x D.)

127 x 125 x 198 cm

Weight (netto)

ok 350 kg

Power supply

230 V / 50 Hz / 15A

Air supply

6 bar / 54 l/h

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