The casing-in of books PräLeg manufactured by Schmedt

The PräLeg is a casing-in machine for books. With its well-coordinated sequence control, the PräLeg can be used for casing-in within bookbinderies manufacturing short-run and widely varying size books, as well as for series production in industrial bookbinderies and printing works.

The machine operates on the well-known principle of one blade for holding and transporting the book block between the gluing units. Largely without a need for format settings, small and medium-sized editions can be processed just as easily as specialsized and constantly-changing formats.

Control of specific procedures at the gluing stage and subsequent transport of the block to the case is controlled by touchscreen. This facility can be used to adapt the gluing process to a variety of block types (e.g. photo albums) and to different kinds of backliner.

The glue feed into the gluing units is controlled by pumps.

To achieve a pefect viscosity of the glue, an automatic water feed is integrated into the machine. Water can be added to the glue in intervals either automatically or manually.

The machine also has an automatic cleaning system which is activated by touchscreen.

The PräLeg is available in two sizes:

PräLeg: with 350 mm roller width (processes books up to 340 mm height

PräLeg XL: with 450 mm roller width (processes books up to 440 mm height)

Technical data:

Book height

80 do 340 mm

Book width

110 do 450 mm

Book thickness

2 do 80 mm

Output single production

100-150 pcs./h


300 kg

Power supply

230V/50HZ/0,6 kW

Air supply

6 bar


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