GUK TURN&TAB – DUO High Performance Labelling Machine

GUK-SIGMA Turn&Tab labelling machine – Tab seals folded products automatically in line with folders and other machines.

The Turn&Tab labeler from GUK-SIGMA picks up folded products and rotates them through a rotary mechanism so that a closure label can be applied to the open product side. And all this at a fast and high production rate.

Due to multiple adjustable feed height and -size of the Turn&Tab it can be integrated into many systems. Quick setup is possible due to a clear arrangement and free access from the front. The products are transported without marking by the gripper mechanism.


U-shaped sealing of package inserts or other folded paper products.



Technical Specifications:


up to 12,000 products / hour

Product thickness:

max. 15 mm

Product width:

30 – 155 mm

Product length:

min. 20 mm, max. 105 mm

Label width:

18 - 30 mm

Label length:

max. 35 mm


max. 65 m/min

Working height:

570 – 970 mm

Air connection:

6 bar

Mains connection:



The manufacturer, GUK-SIGMA, offers the following models of labeling machines:

  • TURN & TAB SINGLE – tabbing on one side with one label.
  • TURN & TAB DOBULE – tabbing on both sides with one label on each side


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