Paper drilling machine DÜRSELEN PB.05

For drilling of large sheets printed with multiple images there is a very efficient solution: model Dürselen PB.05. The paper drilling machine works similar to a guillotine cutter. The sheets are positioned by a programmable back gauge and moved to the front by one image per program step. One row of holes - up to 22 in one stroke - is drilled. Then the back gauge moves to the front another step etc. 

Dürselen PB.05 drills paper sizes up to 1.050 x 1.050 mm / 41" x 41" with 22 holes per stroke. A smaller version with maxiumum 15 drill heads processes paper sizes up to 720 x 720 mm / 28" x 28". Different spacings between the rows are programmed quickly and easily using a touch screen. For repeat of an order the program is recalled at the push of a button. For easy handling of the large piles the machine is equipped with an air table.

In the production of labels and collected editions Dürselen PB.05 works extremely efficient compared to drilling of the products cut down to final size. A program with e.g. 25 steps is finished in 90 seconds. With tags for e.g. garments PB.05 reaches an output up to 2.5 Million of tags per hour, depending on size and print layout.


Technical data:

-         up to 22 drill heads

-         Continuously variable stroke and spindle speed

-         Insertion depth behind drill bits 1.050 mm / 41"

-         Hole spacing 31,7 mm - 1.050 mm / 1 1/4" - 41"

-         Hole spacing via back gauge 0 mm - 1.050 mm / 0 - 41"

-         Paper drill bit diameter 3 - 14 mm / 1/8" - 9/16"

-         Pile height up to 50 mm / 2"

-         Dimensions 1.850 mm wide x 2.100 mm deep x 1.500 mm high (72 3/4" x 82 1/2" x 59")

-         power requirements 400 volts, 3 phases, power depending on equipment

-         Compressed air consumption for cooling and lubrication 100 litres per minute at 2 bar pressure

For processing smaller print sheets Dürselen PB.05 paper drill is available with 720 x 720 mm / 28" x 28" table size and up to 15 drill heads.

Options for both versions:

-         Cooling and lubrication for the paper drill bits

-         Drill belt as drilling support

-         Internal impulse lubrication for paper drill bits

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