Three-Knife Trimmer Perfecta SDY TS

The technological concept of this three-knife trimmer is as simple as effective: By its ease of operation and owing to a robust cast-iron machine frame, this offline three-knife trimmer that is especially suitable for small and medium-sized runs ensures high profitability.

It is GS-certified and has a touch-screen operated PLC control to allow the choice between a continuous mode for two operators or a return mode just for a single operator.

The intelligent ServoDrive module is responsible for feeding in the stock by means of an infinitely variable hydraulic feeder clamp. Just feed in your stock and trigger the cut.

The swing-away delivery ensures that any interventions into the trimming station for the purpose of changing knives or trimming plates will be made considerably easier.

Weight-reduced cast-aluminium trimming plates, preadjustable knife-setting cassettes and control from the touch screen guarantee user-friendly format changing.


Two operation modes:

Continuous mode

The finished pile is automatically pushed onto the delivery on the other side of the machine by the next pile fed in.

Return mode

The pile is manually put in the feeder clamp, automatically trimmed and then returned to the operator‘s position where it is unloaded.


Technical data

Max. trimming performance

25 Taktów/min

Max. untrimmed format

345 x 520 mm

Max. finished format

300 x 420 mm

Min. format gotowego wyrobu

70 x 80 mm

Max. trimming height

100 mm

Max. wys. pobieranego stosu


Main drive power

3 kW


3250 kg

Dimensions (width x depth)

2924 x 2628 mm


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