The All-in-one Concept

A revolutionary principle of model kit… 

The HSB DIGI-FS 8 is a real: All-in one Concept; DIGI-Finisher, Folder- Stitcher, and traditional saddle binder in one, thus a very exciting revolution in the postpress finishing process. Requested in ultra-compact or extendable all-in-one machine configuration, this line offers the typical Hohner user-friendliness together with the highest flexibility. This hybrid line is the result of a merger of the separate production processes of folding, collating and stitching for both, traditional saddle binder production as well as DIGI-Finisher operation, while taking into account a maximum of flexibility for the printing company. Technically the line also provides the possibility of processing working, single sheets directly from the printing machine, or cut sheets straight from the unwinding stand of the print-roll.
No matter from which of the two sources, the line is able to fold sheets to a complete brochure (consisting of signatures and cover of the same paper weight).The already collated and fold brochure can be stitched directly in the high-precision stitching unit and from there straight to trimmer and shingle delivery. Thereby Hohner has eliminated the presence of single sheets, signature feeder and cover feeder systems which very often cause the typical interface issues, for instance to the collating machine.

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