Thermal CtP Platesetter KODAK ACHIEVE T800

Exceptional quality and value

The Kodak Achieve T400/T800 Platesetter delivers the stability and reliability of Kodak’s thermal CTP technology at exceptional value, enabling you to provide print quality that differentiates you from your competition.

This robust external drum thermal CTP device has been specifically designed for the demanding needs of general commercial and publication printers. With a small footprint that minimizes space requirements, the Achieve Platesetter meets international ergonomic standards for easy access and minimal physical effort, and offers reliable plate making of up to 22 8-page plates per hour. Affordable automation options meet your business needs and help drive maximum productivity, flexible resources and reduced labor costs.

The Kodak Achieve Platesetter is optimized for Kodak Media* and open for other vendors’ qualified plates.


Driving profitability with reliable, flexible plate making

In order to improve the profitability of your business, you need to have a CTP system that will make quality plates day in and day out. Outstanding reliability helps minimize service costs and maximize
press uptime. Downtime, plate remakes, and poor imaging quality will quickly wipe out any cost benefits from low-cost platesetters or consumables. With Kodak’s consistent thermal imaging technology, the Achieve Platesetter gives you the stability and reliability you need to optimize your prepress and pressroom operations. 


In-line punch enhances automation

The Achieve T400/T800 Platesetter features an in-line punch system option with accurate three-point registration, helping eliminate costly errors by automating the punch process. The punch system option allows for up to 10 customized punch heads.

Superior imaging technology

Achieve Platesetters feature Kodak’s TH5 thermal head, which delivers higher quality than the Gaussian technology used in other vendors’ CTP devices. The TH5 head images a more precise, accurate
dot, leading to higher tonal stability and exposure uniformity. With no moving parts, the TH5 thermal head also delivers outstanding robustness, and is simple to service and maintain. 


Designed to conserve energy

The Achieve Platesetter can help you maximize quality and productivity while minimizing environmental impact. With power savings of up to 64%**—down to only 400 watts while imaging—the Achieve Platesetter is both cost-efficient and robust.

The Kodak Achieve Platesetter also supports Kodak Sonora XP Process Free Plates, so you can completely eliminate your processor and chemistry—including related maintenance costs and labor—without compromising quality or productivity. To succeed in today’s changing market, you need products and technologies that can help you control costs while boosting quality. The Kodak Achieve T400/T800 Platesetter can help you excel, now and in the future. 



* Kodak Plates available for the Achieve Platesetter include: Electra MAX and Electra XD Thermal Plates, Sonora XP and Sonora News Process Free Plates, and Trillian SP Thermal Plates. Other vendors’ plates subject to qualification.

** Compared to the Kodak Trendsetter 400/800 Platesetter 


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