Selective stapling system HSS 18

Selective stapling system HHS 18 with a separate drive, developed specifically for the North American market. Available as a one-way system with a rotating plate for controlling or, alternatively, as a two-way system with separate seating for clincher and drive.


Programmable driving box (mounted on the machine)for transporting the wire.

Wire feed by stepped motor, toolless wire length adjustment by push button.

Function Stop-Stitch placed on the driving box.


Standard stitching

• max. thickness of the booklet: 12.5 mm
• min. spacing between staples 56 - 76 mm, depending on the thickness of the booklet
• length of the staple spine 14 mm

for round wire
Nr. 24 - 28 (0.60 - 0.40 mm dia.)

• serial exchange parts for round wire

Nr. 21 - 23 (0.80 - 0.70 mm dia.)

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