C.P. Bourg BST d+ BDF Collator and Booklet Maker (2010) TK022202 Sold

Ref. number: TK022202

Year: 2010


2x BST-d+ is a vertical collating tower designed to provide a standard in feeding reliability and consistency.

Equipped with the latest touch screen interface (GUI), the BST-d+ is one of the most user-friendly collating tower on the market.
The collating towers are interconnectable, each containing 10 stations.
The BST-d is capable of feeding finishing equipment both on the left and on the right outputs, allowing dual applications such as a booklet maker on one side and a stacker on the other.
Paper is fed using suction belt and air separation technology.
The BDF is most compact high-speed booklet maker.

Fully automated, it is capable of adjusting all its parameters via its touchscreen interface. The paper flow follows stitch-fold-trim process with guaranteed set integrity and a maximum speed of 4.000 booklets per hour.
The machine is equipped with 2 Hohner stitching heads and as option two additional Hohner heads as well as loop stitching kits can be added
Bourg Automatic Receding Stacker TD.

Slide-off dolly table ensures maximum productivity, accommodating a full 480 mm stack of collated material. A four-caster roll-away dolly makes the moving around of collated sets easily, receiving papers sizes up to 450 x 350 mm.

The TD is on the left side of the Collating Tower.

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