C.P. Bourg BST d , SBM 4 Collating machine (2006) TK022202

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Ref.: TK022202

Year of production: 2006

Collating machine with a sewing, folding and trimming module manufactured by the renowned C.P. Bourg company. Year of production 2006 in the following configuration:


Collating Tower BST D+

The collator is a very versatile device for collating many types of paper in a wide range of formats. The sheets are fed by suction belts rather than rollers, which eliminates the possibility of leaving marks on the paper. The suction and blowing force is adjustable without the need to interrupt the operation of the device. The machine is controlled from a touch panel.



Format range:  min. 115 x 200 mm; max. 350 x 520 mm

Speed range:  9,000 cycles/hour (10 x 80 g/m² A4 sheets fed per shaker)

5,500 cycles/hour - pick-up per stacker

Paper weight:  50 – 250 g/m²

Pile height:  up to 5 cm

Machine dimensions - main tower:  93 x 73 x 200 cm (length x width x height)

Weight:  360 kg


The SBM 4 unit has a modular design and consists of the following parts:


AGR T stitching machine

  • two Hohner sewing heads
  • quick adjustment of the position of the heads
  • block or saddle stitching
  • Regular staples
  • Wheels for quick sliding
  • Work in line or as a separate unit



Format range:  min. 117 x 200 mm, max. 320 x 450 mm (block sewing)

max. 320 x 500 mm (saddle stitching)

Paper weight:  60 - 250 g/m²

Maximum thickness of the stitched fold:  6,35 mm

Capacity:  3,000 trains per hour

Dimensions:  55 cm x 60 cm x 110 cm

Weight:  114 kg


PA T Folding Machine

  • Automatic synchronization with collating tower and stitching machine speeds
  • In-line or off-line operation in combination with an AGR T stitcher



Format range:  min. 117 x 200 mm, max. 320 x 500 mm

Maximum quantity of folded material:  22 sheets 80 g/m²

Capacity:  3,000 products per hour

Dimensions:  60 cm x 60 cm x 73 cm

Weight:  134 kg



TR T Knife

Automatic synchronization with colalting tower speeds, stitchers and folding machines, waste container.



Cropped brochure size range:  min. 117 x 100 mm, max. 320 x 250 mm

Paper weight:  60 - 250 g/m²

Maximum trimmed quantity:  44 sheets 80 g/m²

Capacity:  3,000 trains per hour

Dimensions:  150 cm x 60 cm x 82 cm

Weight:  170 kg


SBM Equipment Counter of ready-made sets. A function that throws assemblies with an error without interrupting the operation. Two-knife cutting system with exceptional durability.

Reinforced 4-roller folding system. Make adjustments to settings without interrupting your working.



BST D+ collecting tower.

SBM booklet unit (AGR T stitching machine, PA T folding machine, TR T cutter), stacker.

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