C.P. Bourg BST 10d+ , BDF Collator and Booklet Maker (2007) TK101527 Sold

Ref. number.: TK101527

Year: 2007 (First Installation in March 2008)

The BST-d+ is a vertical collating tower designed to provide a standard in feeding reliability and consistency.
Equipped with the latest touch screen interface (GUI), the BST-d+ is one of the most user-friendly collating tower on the market.
The collating towers are interconnectable, each containing 10 stations.
Paper is fed using suction belt and air separation technology.

The BDF is the most compact high-speed booklet maker.
Fully automated, it is capable of adjusting all its parameters via its touchscreen interface.
The papier flow follows stitch-fold-trim process with guaranteed set integrity and a maximum speed of 4.000 booklets per hour.

Very good condition

Available: immediately, ready for inspection

Location: Warsaw, Poland

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