Bacciottini PIT STOP D2H High Speed Slat Creasing Machine TK032425 Sold

Ref: TK032425

Year of production: 2016


Machine availability – immediately

The machine is fully operational – after overhauling





Minimum sheet size: 8 x 10 cm

Maximum sheet size: 50 x 100 cm

Paper weight range: 80 - 600 g/m²

Machine capacity at one crease per sheet: 14,000 A4 sheets/hour

Minimum creasing spacing: 0.1 mm

Minimum gap between crease and sheet edge (front/back): 1/1 mm

Number of programs: 200 with 100 steps each

Power supply: 400 V, 3 phases, 50 Hz, 3.5 kW

Dimensions: length 205 cm

                       width 90 cm

                       height 135 cm

Net weight: 350 kg  



Low-pile vacuum feeder.


Programmer of operation with a color touch screen monitor.

Standard creasing tools, from the top (creasing bar A) and from the bottom (creasing bar B).

Perforation strip (2/1).

Micro-perforation strip.




The machine is equipped with two creasing-perforating-die-cutting heads. The second head is placed parallel to the first, with the difference that the tool hits the paper from the bottom and not from the top of the sheet as is the case with the first head.

The use of two heads allows you to use two different tools at the same time – e.g. creasing and perforating or die cutting – and perform two operations in one sheet pass. By using two creasing tools, we can program the machine to make both opening and closing creases in one pass, ensuring the correct direction of the creases for book covers, leaflets and Z-shaped folders.



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