KNORR RLA-3P Jogger (2001) KK041213 Sold

Ref. number: KK041213

Year: 2001

Technical data:
Format size max.: 80 x 134 cm
Dimensions:ca. 137 x 170 cm
Stack height: 16,5 cm
Table height, adjustable between: 86 – 98 cm
Electrical supply: 400 V/50 Hz, ca. 2 kW
Air consumtion: 12 l/min.

Jogging of cutting material gives better cutting precision and more output.
Jogger free standing, movable. Table inclination adjustable up to 29°, either to the left or the right. Surface of jogging table made of stainless steel with strong air cushion. Tiltable gauges at both sides.
Jogging intensity infinitely adjustable. Air-removing roller with infinitely adjustable air removal speed. Single or multiple preselection of air-removing function. Adjustable contact pressure for air-removing roller. Compensator system for this roller ensures uniform air removal from varying paper sizes.

Location: showroom in Avargraf (can be inspected)

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