PERFECTOMAT Trim STAR 110 KB072107 Sold

This three-knife-trimmer is designed to work with the highest performance in the industrial processing of bookbinding products;

It can work both in a flow line with a paperback machine or in a line for book binding, as well as a stand-alone machine and trim brochures or book blocks both in a stack and for single use.

Manufacturer: PERFECTA Schneidemaschinenwerk GmbH Bautzen;

Ref.: KB072107

Year of production: 2004;

Counter shows: ca. 3 million strockes only;

Productivity: 15 – 110 tact / min., stepless;

Format max (trimmed): 300 x 440 mm;

Format min (trimmed): 85 x 115 mm;

Format max (untrimmed): 320 x 460 mm;

Format min (untrimmed): 100 x 125 mm;

Height of insert / cut job: 70 mm;

Height of single job: 6 mm;

Weight: ca 5000 kg;

Available immediately;

Located in Poland;

Can be seen in operation;


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