Ref. number: KB031424

Manufacturer: Kohmann GmbH & Co. KG

1st owner of the machine

Year: 1997 / Installed in 1998


Technical data:
Die-cutted blank size:
Width min: 60 mm, max: 520 mm
Length min: 50 mm, max: 400 mm

Speed: 100 m/min.

Grammage (paper stock): 200 – 600 g/m2

Weight: 1000 kg

Footprint (area to put the machine): 5,5 x 1,2 m

220V power supply


  • Feeder with jogging device
  • Stepless setting the interval between blanks by hand wheel while the machine in running
  • Bending station for fold I and the fold III - setting at the height of the upper rail by clamping screw and the clamping lever
  • Setting the width of a hand-operated handle
  • Lower glue tank with a disc, knife for excess glue, container for glue and drive shaft
  • Delivery with optical meter, two transfer stations, marking device and flow boxes control
  • Transfer stations can be axially aligned to the blanks by a hand handle
  • Pressure station with stepless adjusted speed
  • Pressure force adjustable by eccentric discs
  • On the back side of the machine – not required maintenance, V-belt drive
  • Control panel with buttons on and off the machine, stepless variable speed and a potentiometer, drive’s switch (ankle - fixed), the main switch
  • At delivery: potentiometer for stepless adjustment of speed and pressure tape, button for manual delaying of the station and pressure, and switch off
  • Switch while putting off the boxes

Full technical documentation

Machine in production, work test possible

Location: Europe


Availability: immediately

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