GUK FA 43/8-4 FL2-43 Folding Machine (2024) MM062426 Special offer

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Ref.:   MM062426

Year of production:   2024

Manufacturer:   GUK-Falzmaschinen Griesser & Kunzmann GmbH & Co. KG


Machine availability – on request;

Excellent technical condition, manufacturer's warranty until mid-February 2025. 

CE marked machine.


Folding machine manufactured by the renowned German company GUK equipped with a high pile feeder (sheet picking with a suction roller from above) FL2-43, 2 folding aggregates, pocket with maximum working widths of 43 and 35 cm respectively and lining.


Brand new folding machine GUK FA 43/8-4 FL2-43 – infeed width 430 mm (8+4 folding pockets).

Maximum input format: 430 x 840 mm

Minimum input format: 105 x 145 mm

Maximum paper weight: approx. 130 g/m²

Minimum paper weight: approx. 40 g/m².*

Smallest folding length: 15 mm – all the folds

Feed rate of sheets from feeder: 30 - 130 m/min. **

Power supply: 400 V/50 Hz

* (the given range of weights does not include all folding schemes)

** (the production speed depends on the folding scheme, the quality and type of paper and external conditions such as air temperature and humidity) 


Machine equipment:

  1. High pile feeder FL2-45;
  • Side blowers for easy sheet picking; 
  • Separation head for backloading of sheets  with the help of suction cups and additional blowers;
  • Automatic electronic height adjustment of the separation head  relative to the top edge of the pile;
  • Maximum pile height approx. 600 mm.
  1. Double sheet detector, electromechanical.
  2. Batch counter.
  •  Multifunction counter programming the operation of the machine. It has a dual digital display. Ability to fold sheets in groups (lots) of the given number in each lot, with stepless adjustment of the spacing between parties. The display shows the total number of falsified sheets, the number of batches of folded sheets and the speed of the machine at any given time.
  1. I. folding unit FA 43/8, 8 folding pockets;
  • 8 pieces foding pockets without integreted deflectors;
  • 7 pieces separated deflectors;
  • Perforation, creasing and cutting equipment.
  1. Sound reduction hoods, top and bottom.
  2. Intermediate transport ZWT 45/3 with indepedend drive.
  3. II. folding unit FA 35/4, 4 folding pockets;
  • 4 pieces folding pockets without integrated deflectors;
  • 3 pieces separated deflectors;
  • Perforation, creasing and cutting equipment. 
  1. Sound reduction hood, top.
  2. Intermediate transport ZWT 35/3.
  3. Vertical stacker KS 470 – passaging width 465 mm;
  • For suspension after I. or II. folding unit;
  • Pile height (product) 20 – 115 mm;
  • Pile table length 400 mm.
  1. Ejector magnet for marking falsified batches sheets in the KS 470 without stopping the machine. The drive of ejector magnet is done via batch counter.
  1. Shet flow control.


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