Schmedt PräDeka XL semi-automatic casemaker for the production of book cases (2022) JS052422

Semi-automatic machine for the production of one-off and multiple book cases. Formats from 15 - 15 cm up to 52 x 110 cm may be processed. With hardly any setup time runs of 1 - 500 pieces or more can be produced economically.

The machine is operated by one person, who glues the cover material (on a separate gluing machine, e. g. PräziCoat), puts the boards into place and tucks in the corner and in a second work step, turns and repositions the case for turning in the two remaining edges.
The actual casemaking process, i.e. turning in all four edges and pressing the case is done automatically. Besides book cases almost any turned-edge product with single-, triple-, multi-part or asymmetric cases may be processed, among them cases for ring binders, menu covers, photo albums, folders, calendar backs and gameboards.

The production without having to set the formats starting from one piece. Touch screen control.

Technical data

Case width: 

150 –    520 mm

Case width :                                                  

150 – 1.100 mm

Min. size of each cover board

70 x 150 mm

Board thickness:                                                       

1,2 - 3,5 mm

Spine width:                                                  

5 – 85 mm

Power supply:                                        

230 V - 50 Hz – 0,5 kW

Air supply:                          

6 bar – 6 l/min.

Output max.:

apr. 100 pcs / h.

Floor space (H. x W. x D.)

1.250 x 1.500 x 1.300 mm


380 kg


  • Semi-automatic casemaker PräDeka XL
  • 1x set of stop for 20mm turn-in
  • 5x joint bars 4mm

Very good condition

Possibility of inspection that machine.

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