POLYGRAPH WEGRA RODAS BD 15 (1985) KB011706 Sold

Manufacturer: VEB POLYGRAPH Buchbindereimaschinenwerke Leipzig;

Casemaker with automatic cardboard and soft spine insert feeding and pressing delivery to the table;

Year: 1985;

Machine no.: 1080;

Format max: 530 x 400 mm;

Format min: 110 x 155 mm;

Speed: 16 cycles/min.;

Dimensions: 2850mm (dl) x 2500mm (szer) x 1500mm (wys.);

Weight: 1800 kg;


Hand feeding covering material;

Hand feeding hard spine insert;

Automatic cardboard feeding;

Automatic soft spine feeding from roll;

Automatic feeding covering material to glue station;

Hot glueing;

Automatic delivery with press station;

Machine overhauled;

Very good technical condition, can be work tested;

Available immediately;

Located: Europe, Poland;

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