Hard Cover machines TECNOGRAF (2013) JS091725

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1.       SEWING MACHINE  - TECNOGRAF AX MODULE                


The AX Module is a semi-automatic sewing machine solution, design for traditional offset and Digital Printers for sew small quantity of books. With the new AX Module will be possible sew sheet fold printed in digital technology. Part of AX Dig.IT Line, it sew automatically sheet by sheet Machine work with single book and start another production after that the book before is done. Every book is separate automatically. The Module is equipped by PLC.


Technical data:

Min sheet size: 90 x 110

Max sheet size: 400 x 460

Max Number of sewing Stitches: 11

Stitch length: 18 mm

Max machine speed: 53 cycles / hour


2.       CORNER CUTTING MACHINE  - TECNOGRAF CUT ONE                                

The EASY CUT is a simple and efficient electric corner cutter: it is equipped with two cutting devices, so that it is possible to cut one corner of cover materials in one time. The adjustment of the machine for the various sizes is done manually and very quickly by means of a hand-wheel and one locking lever. The cut depth (the size of the triangular trim) can be adjusted by moving the lateral guides.


Technical data:

Cover material sizes:

Min : 100 x 100 mm

Max: 400 x 710 mm

Thickness of pile:

Min:   2 mm

Max: 30 mm



3.       CASE MAKER  - TECNOGRAF BC ONE PLUS                             


The new On demand Case Maker Compact semi-automatic Case maker machine with stock and board feeder capable of producing a wide variety of products, such as book cases, loose leaf, binders and much more. By a production of 250 pieces/h BC-1 perfectly satisfies the exigencies of the small production: thanks to his flexibility can make an easy and rapid format change.


Technical data:

Technical data board feeder unit :

Min: 100 x 160 mm

Max: 450 x 800 mm

Thickness of material :

Min: 0.5 mm

Max: 5 mm

Mechanical speed: 300 cycles / hour




4.       END SHEETS MACHINE  - TECNOGRAF P-SYSTEM                             


P-system is a semi-automatic system designed on system of Pronto Machine for combine folded endpapers with a pre-glued lining material. The resulting product can be fed like a cover in a conventional perfect binder, thus

obtaining a book block ready for hard cover casing-in. IDEAL FOR PHOTO BOOKS, ALBUMS AND

CONVENTIONAL BOOKS IN SMALL RUNS. Pre-folded endpapers are fed manually into the register channel table for COBI position; manually operator take out from roller the lining material and combine it with the paper fold. Finish it there is a small system for cut lining material on final size. The combined end sheets is remove from Table manually.


Technical data:

Book block sizes:

min : 100 x 100 mm

max : 350 x 420 mm

Thickness :        

min : 2 mm

max : 80 mm

Cycle speed: depends from operator skill




The manual rounding is a machine that round sewn and milled books. The bar of rounding is moved electrically. The book block can be held with both the hands and therefore this concurs to catch up a uniform rounding, quickly The rounding forming is heated electrically, this help the rounding of the glued book blocks.

In the majority of the cases, the preheating of the block of the book is not demanded, but this although depends from the type of glue with which this it has been manufactured. With Hot-melt a pre heating is advised. The next plate can be adjusted in high to adapt it on the different book block. The thickness of the book blocks go from 80 millimeters to 400 millimeters of height (length of the opening). The final result is however generous and appreciable also considering the level of investment.


Technical data:

Book block sizes:

min : 60 x 90 mm

max: 300 x 400 mm

Thickness :

min: 10 mm

max: 80 mm

Cycle speed: 200 cycles / hour




The MT manual casing-in machine is easy to use, compact and strong. It is equipped with a manual book block feeder, and fix cover position. The gluing system is conventional: two rollers apply the (cold) glue on the endpapers when the book is lift in the tower. Once the casing-in operation is done, the book will be transferred directly to the pressing unit.


Technical data:

Book block sizes: min : 100 x 100 mm

                                         max: 350 x 420 mm

Thickness : min : 6 mm

                          max: 70 mm

Mechanical speed: 180 cycles / hour






PRESS is a stand-alone Semi-automatic machine designed to building in hard cover book as industrial quality. The machine contain the pressing unit and join forming. The feeding on it of book is manually from high and the set-up is automatic. the exit of book is manual in the standard configuration. Became automatic with the option.

Technical data:



Formats of the finished book block: min 100mm x 100mm

                                                                        max 370 mm x 300 mm  

Thickness: min 3 mm

                          max 70 mm

Mechanical speed: approx. 15 cycles per minutes

Compressed air requirements: approx. 50 Nl/h @ 6 bar   



Complete set of hard cover machines – Tecnograf – year of production 2013



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