Kolbus DA 270 KB072123 Sold

Year of production: 2010

Ref.: KB072123

Counter shows: 38 239 working hours


Technical data:

Cover format max: 670 x 390 mm;
Cover format min: 205 x 140 mm;
Cloth height: 130 - 428 mm;
Cloth width: 223 - 708 mm;
Board thickness: 1 to 4 mm;
Board width: 95 - 328 mm;
Board height: 140 - 390 mm;
Joint width: 4- to 15 mm;
Spine width: 14- to 120 mm;
Turn in width closed: 8 - to 15 mm;
Board centre strip: thickness 03, to 0,6 mm /width 6 - to 90 mm;
Mechanical speed max: 65 cykli/min;

Machine dimensions:                                      

- length: 6.200 mm

- width: 3.000 mm                                                                                                       

- height: 2.200 mm

weight: 5.850kg

Power supply: 400 Volt/N/PE, 3 Phase, 50 Hz.


Standard equipment:

-   transport belt of the cardboard pre-storage (1700 mm) with the possibility of automatic replenishment of the magazine (stream and a pile feeder)

-   cover feeder, the so-called non-stop with stack magazine, max. stack height 160 mm

-   sheet inspection (in case of double sheet transport)

-   pile delivery counter with roller conveyor belt including table, total length: 4500 mm (max. stack height: 100 mm)

-   cylinder for jobs with grippers and exchangeable matrix plates

-   the possibility of making changes to the application of glue from the outside

-   roller device for the correct (without corrugation) joining the covering material with cardboard and the spine insert

-   device for covers padded by cotton wool (up to max. 8 mm thick with padding, 4 mm pressed together)

-   automatic cover counter

-   motorized override with digital displays, automatically programmable settings, error display

-   control of single covers on the operator side

-   stepless drive adjustment

-   UE safety standards according to EU norms and guidelines


Device for unwinding the spine strip from the roll

- feeding the backboard to be placed in the spine of the cover, unwind from the roll, taking the spine from two rolls, device for longitudinal and transverse cutting

- crusher of waste / scraps of cardboard

- device for automatic sealing and replacement of the spine strip from the roll, also possible during machine operation


Processing with hot melt glue

- movable gluing module for hot glue processing with glue preparation in the pre-melting device, with heated application rollers and a stripper

- glue viscosity control device for automatic water feeding to keep the glue viscosity even

- device for gluing mirrors with hot glue, mirror format: 670 x 140 mm


Cardboard storage


DA 270 with a backcardboard magazine (cardboard: height: min.130 mm)


Device for processing with cold glue when sticking a mirror (inside part of the cover)


Device for measuring and controlling the viscosity of the adhesive with a pump and a water tank for manual filling


A device for making combined covers (e.g. semi-canvas) in 2 working modes.


Width of the center strip: 60-150 mm

Half-job width: min. 130 mm

Distance between job halves: 40-150 mm

Cover cardboard / center strip: min. 15 mm


Machine in production, work test possible 

Available: immediately
Located in Europe, EU area
Very good technical condition

Price: 140 000,- EUR LOT  

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