STS ENTRANCE - wrapping in foil and inserting line KK190912

Ref. number: KK190912

STS ENTRANCE - wrapping in foil and inserting line with 3 inserting feeders

Manufacturer: STS International s.r.l.

Year: 2009

Machine no.: ENT/09/04/521

Technical data:

Format min (width x length x height): 100 x 120 x 0.5 mm

Format max: 250 x 400 x 30 mm

Film sizes:

  • Film width max: 590 mm
  • Film roll outside max: 380 mm
  • Film roll inside min: 75 mm

Speed max: 7,500 cycles / hr.

Power installed: 12,4 kW

Power supply: 400 Volts + 3F + N + T

Weight: 950 Kg


Shuttle porter conveyor with automatic main product feeder + 3 STS inserting automatic feeders incl. miss feed & double insert detector
Longitudinal sealer
Control panel
Product guiding system
Foil unwinder
Foil tension system
Longitudinal sealing system with cross cutting
Electrical cabinet

The wrapping system should be able to wrap products with A4 landscape and smaller.
Beside the main book / magazine, you have the possibility of inserting three inserts.
STS developed for these requirements a perfect of packaging line “ENTRANCE”, with a big advantage in price-performance comparison.

As an option we offer you our Auto loading system AF62 – with which bundles of products of previous production lines (SaddleStitcher – perfect binder – hard cover line etc.) can be easily loaded to our Entrance Line and will be separated in single copies via our standard main shuttle feeder.

Continuous automatic line to wrap products single or multiple products either in heat shrink or standard plastic films. (All type of films – PE, PP, and Polyolefin).  Full closing starting from a flat sheet reel being the edges overlapped on the upper side of the product.

System features:
Compactness, high production output, high versatility, easy and user friendly format change, reel on a pneumatic expansion shaft for fast film change, fully PLC controlled, strong and reliable construction, fully modular designed and easy extendable for all customers needs.

System options:
Heat sealing, printed film registration, shrinking tunnel, 1st.-Page Opener, Stacker,
PP99 – Pick and Place – feeder for CD, DVD, 3-D Gimmicks like shampoos…., Ink-Jet system for Addressing (by using a film with white pre-printed address stripe)

Technical and optical condition: top

Can be seen in running

Available: immediately

Location: Warszawa, Poland


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