BOURG BB 3002 (2006) TK111921 Sold

Ref. number: TK111921

Year: 2006


New type of a milling tool



  • Electronic control of all machine’s operations on the touch screen only , without  knobs or push - buttons; the machine self adjusts automatically with reference to the different  thicknesses of a book
  • A choice of binding programs (books with a cover, blocks automatically  removed,  blocks manually removed)
  • Jogger in a station of paper block’s inserting with a  changing frequency, depending on the paper quality
  • Automatic clamping of a block
  • Scoring of a block’s spine
  • Milling from 0 to 3,0 mm – the milling depth adjusted every 0,5mm
  • Sucking off of the paper dust  – in a standard mode there is an external paper dust suction device with high efficiency
  • Unit for glue application composing of  3 cylinders and 2 side gluing discs – initial glue spreading, application of main glue layer and a scraper roller for removing a surplus glue
  • Station for automatic cover clamping - clamping a cover to the spine as well as to the sides of the block – clamping power, spine location and a time of clamping adjusted on the touch screen
  • Automatic cover feeding by suckers with electronic control of a missing cover
  • Cover creasing – 13 parallel creases in a cover –automatically adjusted  depending on a book’s thickness ; books with winged covers can be bound
  • Counter
  • Bounding of thread sewn books

Additional equipment

  • BBR – conveyor belt and a stacker delivery of ready products           
    (width. x length x hight – 52cm x 125cm x 46cm

Technical data:
Format of a book:  min. 100 x 100 mm – with cover, max. 320x 385 mm
Format of a block:  min. 60x  90 mm, max. 320x 385 mm
Thickness of a book:  min. 1 mm, max. 60 mm
Format of a cover:  min. 200 x 100 mm, max. 710 x 395 mm
Cover weight:  max. 80-300 g/m2
Height of a stack of covers in an automatic feeder:  80 mm
Max number of mechanical cycles:  app. 600 cycles./h
Glue temperature:  min. 140 st.C, max. 180 st.C
Time for preparing the machine for operation:  (time needed to warm the glue up to 140 st.C) 25 min.
Power supply:  3 phases , 380 V
Power consumption:  4 kW
Dimensions of the machine with BBR conveyor: (length x width. x hight.) 2,02m x 2,41m x 1,50m


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