HORIZON BQ 460 (2005) AG091312 Sold

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Ref. number: AG091312

Binder Horizon BQ 460 . SL-40/HT-70


Consisting of:

  • 4- clamp binder BQ 460
  • 3-knife trimmer
  • Drying tower SL-40

BQ 460 binder

Year: 2005

LCD touch screen pane

Milling and roughening station : milling or non-milling choosable by a handle

Technical data:
Sheet size:  min.75 x 75mm, max. 320x320mm
Spine of a book: 0,5 – 55 mm
Cover size: 230 x 145mm, max 650 x 320mm
Cover weight: min.100g/m2, max. 300g/m2
Capacity: max 1 350 c/h
Weight: 1 710 kg
Power consumption: 5,5 kW
Power connection: 400V 3-phase current

HT-70 Three knife trimmer

Technical data:
Max. untrimmed size: 330 x 330 mm
Max. trimmed size: 300 x 300 mm
Min.trimmed size: 100 x 142 mm
Speed: 1000 cycles/hour
Trimming accuracy: within 0,5 mm
Machine weight: 1530 kg
Dimensions: 2260 x 1160 x 1600 mm

SL-40 Drying tower

Technical data:
Book transport to HT-70
Book stacking
Book drying
Format: min.14,8 x 21,0 cm; max. 23,5 x 1,8 cm
Pile height: max.4cm
Drying time: min. 1,5 min

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