You no longer have to make a choice between the environment and profitability when selecting a plate. Kodak Sonora XP Process Free Plates eliminate processing and chemistry from plate making, and they deliver the quality, productivity, and print capabilities your business needs to be successful.

Free yourself from processors and chemistry forever

Imagine removing the burdens of maintaining and running a processor while achieving better process control from eliminating all processing variables. Sonora XP Plates use Kodak’s press ready technology to make process free plate making a reality. Just image, mount, and print.

Mainstream print production

Sonora XP Plates are unlike any other plate. They offer the cost and waste reduction benefits of process free plates, plus they deliver the quality, productivity, and print capabilities of mainstream processed plates. Not only can they satisfy the needs of commercial sheetfed print production, they also deliver strong print performance on commercial heatset and coldset web presses, in offset packaging applications, and even in short run UV. They’re also available in 0.40 mm gauge and VLF size formats, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.

Enhance your productivity through streamlined plate making

Shorten plate making cycles by streamlining your production. With Sonora XP Plates, fast imaging speeds combined with the additional time and consistency gained from not processing plates deliver the enhanced productivity you need to increase efficiency and reduce the risk of press downtime.

Free to be more sustainable

Whether your goal is to be compliant or to position yourself as an environmental leader, Kodak Sonora XP Plates can help both in prepress and in the pressroom. Sonora XP Plates not only enable you to remove chemistry, water, energy and waste from plate making, they reduce waste and downtime in the pressroom because fewer plate remakes are needed due to plate processing variability.

Free to be the printer you want to be

Sonora XP Plates deliver both reductions in operating costs and environmental impact while letting you differentiate your print. With mainstream productivity, quality and run length capability, the only things you have to lose with Sonora XP Plates are your processor and chemistry.


Technical specifications

Plate Non-ablative, thermal, negative working (write-the-image) plate incorporating
Kodak’s press ready technology
Application High quality, short to medium run sheetfed, heatset web, offset packaging (non UV)
and short-run UV applications
Substrate Electrochemically grained and anodized aluminum substrate
Gauge 0.15 mm, 0.20 mm, 0.30 mm, and 0.40 mm availability in selected regions
Please contact your local supplier of products from Kodak for size and gauge availability by region.
Spectral sensitivity 800 - 850 nm
Platesetter compatibility Recommended: Kodak Trendsetter, Magnus, and Achieve Platesetters
Sonora XP Plates are also compatible with platesetters from all major suppliers. Please contact your local Kodak
representative or partner for qualification of specific platesetter makes and models.
Laser energy required 150 mJ/cm2 on Kodak Platesetters with Kodak SQUAREspot Imaging Technology
175 mJ/cm2 on Kodak Achieve Platesetters
Dependent on imager type, configuration and resolution.
Resolution 1 to 99% @ 200 lpi
Dependent upon capability of imaging device.
FM capability 20-micron stochastic
Dependent upon imaging device capabilities, print applications, and screening algorithms. For optimum FM
performance, Kodak recommends Kodak Staccato Screening on Kodak SQUAREspot Imaging Technology Devices.
Run length • Up to 200,000 impressions with heatset/commercial coldset web presses
• Up to 100,000 impressions with sheetfed presses
• Up to 50,000 impressions for offset packaging (non UV)
• Up to 10,000 impressions for UV-ink applications
Dependent upon image resolution, press, press chemistry, ink and paper conditions.
20-micron stochastic will reduce run lengths.
Safelight The plate can be handled before and after imaging safely for:
• Up to 1 hour under white light
• Up to 8 hours under C20 – UV Cut
• Up to 24 hours under G-10 yellow light
Safelight limits @ 800 Lux
Packaging Available in all standard formats including bulk packaging and Kodak Automatic Pallet Loader (APL)



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