Perforating-Creasing Machine Bacciottini PIT STOP DG LINE 8000 Touch Screen

The perforating creasing PIT STOP DG LINE 8000 is the natural evolution of version 6500. Equipped with user friendly seven inch colour touch screen reaches speeds of 8,000 sheets per hour (A4 with 1 crease).

Dedicated to the print on demand and digital printing has great accuracy. The size is 50×70 and can crease up to 400 g.s.m.


Technical Specifications

Size Min:

8×10 cm

Size Max:

50×70 cm (with optional extension feeder 50×85 cm)

Sheet weight:

80 a 400 g.s.m.


20 programs with 20 operations for each program

Min. distance creasing:

0,1 mm

Production A4 with 1 crease:

8,000 sheets per hour

Power supply:

230 Volts 50 Hz single phase

Power requirement:

2 Kw

Net weight:

180 Kg


150x80x120 cm


perforating kit 2/1 – 3/1 – 4/1; standard creasing kit


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