Folder-gluer machine for linear and crash-lock bottom boxes APR Solutions BOX PLUS 2

New construction machine, made in Italy, designed for the production of:

  1. Straight-line boxes
  2. Crash-lock bottom boxes
  3. Folders with one or two pockets
  4. Envelopes and folders with gussets as well as presentation folders with large document pockets
  5. Covers for DVD envelopes with one or two pockets
  6. Envelopes form 12*15 open size up to 70*100 cm
  7. Medical file envelopes, special size envelopes
  8. Application of double-sided tape (Optional on request - Rap)
  9. Courier Envelopes (DHL, FedEx, TNT, etc.) with double-sided tape & tear tape (Optional on request - Rap Strip)
  10. Machine ready to add Inserter (Optional on request - Inserter)
  11. Folding and gluing 70% of the shopper bag in 2 steps (Optional on request - Inserter)
  12. Folders and envelopes with capacity (Optional on request - 3D system)


Paper weight - min 150 g/m²
                      max 400 g/m²

Cardboard load capacity - 400 mm

Mechanical speed - 120 m/min


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