Saddlestitcher Hohner HSB 13.000

This is especially relevant in a changing market where production runs are becoming shorter but the products are becoming more complicated. Intelligent programming ensures the automated repetition of all components and settings in the system. The new drive technology combined with “Motion-Control”, a special automation software, represents a complete state of the art drive system. This guarantees that tasks which have been run once can be repeated at any time with a simple push of a button because all components automatically reset to their previous positions. Your demands of top quality machinery and high efficiency together with Hohner’s renowned ease of operation are perfectly combined in our customized HSB 13.000.

Customized, operator friendly & intelligent

The advantages in short:

  • Optional automatic default setttings of all components and units – even including stitching heads.
  • The touch screen uses symbols which are easy to understand and makes navigation through the setup procedure easy. The subsequent control of all relevant components, and monitoring of the machine’s operations, are also clear and precise.
  • Operator friendly adjustment.
  • Ergonomic feed station height.
  • Minimum personnel required.
  • Maximum format untrimmed: 475 x 325 (350) mm (Max. sizes cannot be run simultaneously)
  • Maximum format trimmed: 470 x 320 (345) mm
  • Sequential on – off switching.
  • Integrated stitch control.
  • Automatic central lubrication keeps time required for maintenance low.
  • Motor driven adjustment of all components – including stitching heads.
  • Equipped with the world-wide established narrow stitching heads by Hohner, the leader in technology.
  • Knives combined in a yoke.
  • Twelve linear ball screw bearings for high precision guidance and extremely long endurance of the knives.
  • Easy adaptation of the creasing station between inner and outer scores.
  • Optional remote error diagnosis.
  • Modular system with easy, individual customization to your requirements. (Many optional configurations available: from 1 manual feeder to 16 automated signature feeders, automated cover feeder [or alternatively, 18 signature feeders without cover feeder] two-up device, 2:1 feeder selection, stitch control, compensating stacker and trim waste management system.)
  • Electronic hand wheel for trimmer settings (self synchronisation when leaving the set-up mode)
  • sequential system monitoring

Additional Options:

  • Small format
  • JDF capability
  • Vacuum accomplished by noiseless ejectors instead of vacuum pumps
  • Remote diagnostics, including video conferencing capabilities
  • Optical system on feeders for quality control through image comparison and bar code recognition
  • Up to 6 automated, narrow stitching heads
  • Inline punching, perforating and corner rounding
  • Economic LED illumination for all components
  • Production date acquisition
  • Extended process modes (i.e. variable suction timer on cover feeder)
  • Customizable automation levels

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