PERFECTA Open House 2017

PERFECTA Open House Event April 25th to 27th 2017 in Bautzen, Germany

The demand and the requirements for high speed cutters require different technology levels.

Therefore, PERFECTA offers two product series:

The ECOLINE series with an attractive cost benefit rate for price oriented customer, who is looking for a solid technology and highest precision.


the  Hightech PREMIUMLINE series for the technology oriented customer, who needs a high level of automatization and workflow  integration for an industrial process in cutting.

PERFECTA will present both product series during the Open House Event.


Open House Highlights

High Speed Cutter ECOLINE 78 und ECOLINE 132

The new machines of the ECOLINE series are characterized by solid quality for highest cutting precession with medium technology.

The ECOLINE series are already equipped in the standard version with the typical PERFECTA USP´s – in this class unique:

-        Automatic Clamp pressure setting adjusted by the cutting format

-        Easy and intelligent operating concept with visual animations for adjustment, Service and maintenance

-        Visualization of the cutting process by the Touchscreen

-        Exact positioning of the cutting material by the servo driven backgauge

-        Gentle handling of the cutting material through the closed cutting table


The performance of the strong ECOLINE series can also be significantly increased by peripheral equipment like a lift, a jogger and an unloader.


High Speed Cutter PREMIUMLINE 92, 132  with full automatic jogging system and 132 with full automatic cutting system.

 PREMIUMLINE series, the perfect high- tech connection of functionality and technology with options for automation.

PREMIUMLINE 92 with CuttronicPlus and Cutting Program Generator.

Job data´s  are accepted and exact cutting times are calculated.

The calculated cutting time is reported to an external MIS system and used for further workflow calculations.

The PREMIUMLINE 92 is equipped with patented micro – perforated air tables for optimal processing of small formats like business cards.


PREMIUMLINE 132 with full automatic jogging system BASA

Perfect for high volume production

Full automatic inline Jogging in a Cutting System – only the PERFECTA Cutting System with BASA offers this. Perfectly suitable for high volume production, can be combined with an automatic 4 side cut or rear table loading.


-        Fully automatic jogging and loading

-        Highest productivity for high volume production

-        Up to 40.000 sheets / hour with one-man operation

PREMIUMLINE 132 for automatic cutting

High flexibility for medium volume of production

The PERFECTA 4 – Cut System offers high productivity in combination with the best ergonomics.

All central function can be used either automatically or manually


-        Automatic 4 side cut with front alignment

-        Significant additional performance in comparison to standard cutting system

-        One-man operation

PERFECTA Three Knife Trimmer  SDY TS                                                                                              

 – Strong Stand Alone machine for highest flexibility

The offline trimmer for small and medium runs ensures with simple operation, GS-certified PLC control via touch screen and the choice between continuous- (two-man operation) or return operating mode (one-man operation) a high efficiency.



PERFECTA Three Knife Trimmer Trim Star 110                                                                                        

 – The Professional for every book binder.

A high performance Three Knife Trimmer for industrial inline cutting of brochures, books, catalogues and blocks.


PERFECTA Perfect Binder Bookline Plus

The universal Perfect Binder for the beginner as well as for the established industrial book binder. The PERFECTA Binder Bookline Plus can not only process all glue technologies (Hotmelt, PUR, Coldglue), furthermore it can also produce gauzing brochures in one workflow. With a format range from A6 to A3 (A4 cross) and a maximum product thickness of 70 mm, the Bookline Plus can be used for almost all productions.



Opening Hours: Tuesday April 25th to Thursday April 27th 9am – 5pm 

The exhibition program is supplemented by interesting presentations from the fields of product development, financing or service. If you are interested in attending in Open House Event please contact us.