Double Head Perforating-Creasing Machine Bacciottini PIT STOP D2H High Speed

The PIT STOP D2H High Speed has the same specification as the FM High Speed with the patented “DIRECT DRIVE” system, color touch screen and quick change tooling with the addition of a second head. The second head is in parallel to the first head with the tool operating from the bottom rather than the top. This enables creasing and perforating to be done in the same pass or by fitting two creasing tools creasing can be done from the top and bottom in the same pass ensuring the correct crease direction for zig zag folding. Programming of the heads is done from the color touch screen by simply selecting head “A” or “B” on any of the 100 crease / perforation positions on the sheet. The D2H has the same 200 job memory as the FM which can store jobs via a “qwerty” display for easy location and recall. These features combined with a robust construction (net weight 350kg) make the PIT STOP D2H High Speed machine a highly competent and reliable production unit.


Technical Specifications

Size Min:

8×10 cm

Size Max:

50×70 cm (with optional extension feeder 50×100 cm)

Sheet weight:

80 a 600 g.s.m.


200 programs with 100 operations for each program

Min. distance creasing:

0,1 mm

Production A4 with 1 crease:

14.000 sheets per hour

Power supply:

400 Volts three phase + neutro 50 Hz

Power requirement:

3,5 Kw

Net weight:

350 Kg


180x80x120 cm


Punching kit, perforating kit 2/1 – 3/1 – 4/1; standard creasing kit



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