The Postpress Alliance at DRUPA 2024

During the upcoming DRUPA 2024 trade fair, taking place from May 28th to June 7th, 2024, under the motto "better together," companies BAUMANNPERFECTA, BLUMER, HOHNER, and BOGRAMA, belonging to The Postpress Alliance, will showcase their best and newest solutions for the post-press sector at booth E20 in hall 15.

The Postpress Alliance sets new standards in the automation and robotization of post-press operations, including cutting, stitching, and die cutting. Discover excellent solutions for the post-press industry at booth E20 in hall 15 at DRUPA 2024 in Düsseldorf.


The Postpress Alliance booth will cover an exhibition area of 1,240 m² and will consist of several sections, with 150m² dedicated to baumannPERFECTA. Here, visitors will see a fully automatic, robotic paper cutting system, consisting of BASA evo – an automatic jogging system, BP132 cutter, RC robot, and BA3 stacker, enabling perfect preparation and cutting of paper stacks in a pallet-to-pallet system without operator intervention.

Also showcased will be a semi-automatic production and finishing line for paper labels, consisting of the baumannPERFECTA BSB 3L jogger, baumannPERFECTA 132 cutter, and BLUMER Atlas 1110 label die-cutter in its premiere DS (Double Stack) version. This machine allows for simultaneous cutting of two label stacks, making it the fastest and most productive die-cutting machine on the global market.


Additionally, BLUMER will present the new model AG-4220, a fully automatic label die-cutting machine with counter-pressure, specially developed for processing large label formats. All stages of work, including buffering, cutting, counter-pressure die-cutting, and optional banding, are fully automatic. It is the only counter-pressure die-cutting machine in the world that precisely processes large label formats measuring up to 239 mm x 420 mm.


Alongside baumannPERFECTA and BLUMER, the next section of the booth will be occupied by HOHNER, showcasing, among others, the Hohner Hybrid Stitcher "HHS-Futura" – an innovative gathering-stitching line with up to five functions for individual brochure production.

Additionally, visitors will see the HSB 13.000 gathering-stitching line, known for its high performance of 13,000 brochures per hour and full automation setup.

The last offering from HOHNER is the reliable Hohner ECONOMY 25/40 stitcher – a single-head stitching machine for normal and loop stitching of blocks and brochures up to 40 mm thick.


The booth will also feature equipment from the Swiss company BOGRAMA, specializing in die-cutting, creasing, perforating, and embossing. The versatile BSR 550 Servo rotary die-cutter equipped with the SH 550 module for lattice shredding will be presented, along with the STA 550BK stacker capable of handling up to 9 streams of products. Finished product stacks will be automatically banded in line, and automated solutions for stacking banded stacks will provide process automation and reduce the number of personnel involved in the packing process.


Throughout the trade fair days, representatives from AVARGRAF, the exclusive distributor of baumannPERFECTA, BLUMER, and HOHNER brands in Poland, will be present at The Postpress Alliance booth to assist visitors in getting acquainted with the showcased innovations.


We encourage you to contact us in advance to schedule a meeting at the booth and to see the innovative solutions of The Postpress Alliance!